Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rally in Railay

We just finished an amazing week in Railay Beach reuniting with 5 other Mac friends. It was an exciting week that included drunken debauchery (thanks Adam!), a brief hospital visit (Annika's just fine!), and the ongoing discussion of the arranged marriage between Annika and Simon. We are very close to putting this in writing, people.

For the first time in over 3 months of traveling th food finally got us! A bad batch off laab did in those who ate it for the next 24 hours. Annika developed a nasyymcoldand needed a breathing treatment at the hospital, and sign had it coming out of all ends for a day. Some of us fared better than others.
They are going to be so happy!
The whole gang!
In the evenings we gathered around boxes of Thai takeout and questionable mixed drinks to play Plump, a Swedish card game that I am pretty sure Martin made up. He claims, we broke all,kinds of Plump records, including a round where everyone bid zero and a game where Adam scored only 5's. History was made.
They are going to be so happy!
Adam drinking water.
Railay Beach was a beautiful place to crash for a week, but much more developed than the beaches we had previously been visiting. The west beach is perfectly sandy, and when the tide is out it's shallow forever. Great for families with small kids. (We stayed at the Railei Beach Club.) But the constant drone of longtail boats shuttling people back and forth to Ao Nang is inescapable. And, like many places that thrive on tourism only, the food is not outstanding. But the limestone rocks jutting out all around us, and our peaceful house nettled among the trees and monkeys, and some nearby island hopping opportunities made it the perfect escape for a week with friends. Next time, don't eat the laab!

View of West Railay from above.

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