Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Visit From Farmor

Lucky Simon got a visit from Farmor last weekend! She came in for a nice long weekend to play with Simon while Mama and Pappa got some packing done. At least in theory.

They played and sang a lot. It was great to see Simon picking up so many Swedish words so quickly. I know that he is going to come back from our trip speaking a lot more English and Swedish.

We went out to eat a great little Japanese noodle place here in Düsseldorf. The owner/chef came over and helped Simon make his chopsticks a little more kid-friendly and he was able to eat edamame with chopsticks. I was pretty impressed.

Thanks for a great visit Farmor!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dreams. Coming. True.

The Big Trip

Big news here people. Dreams. Coming. True. We've put off telling you about this new exciting chapter of our lives for too long ow...You know how it is. Want to make sure it's all going to work out ok. Simon doesn't even know what's coming...he's one lucky little boy.

No we're NOT pregnant. We are embarking on a great world adventure, what will be known here on Simon Says as The Big Trip. 13 weeks, 7 countries, and one 2.5 year old. That is definitely a recipe for an all-out family adventure!

Triple sunglass protection - I think he's ready for some world adventures!
Since we graduated from college, it has been a dream of mine to take a big trip around the world. When we graduated, Martin needed to stay in the US to maintain his visa, so we stayed. We kept talking about this trip, but we always had new excuses that got in the way of making it happen.

But something changed. Because we're doing it. I know most of you are thinking that it's not the most opportune time to take a big trip when you have a small child, but I think you're wrong. After over 10 years of not doing it, I realized that any time you can make it happen is the absolute best time. There is no perfect time, there will always be sacrifices and inconveniences, so why not now? And while this may not be a trip around the world, I think it's good practice for a bigger and better trip down the road, right?

And in my research for the trip (I would say "our" but Martin is admittedly not a planner) I have come across dozens of other families doing REALLY BIG travels with their kids. Like years. All over the world. With their kids - of all different ages. Check out this inspiring website that can lead you to the blogs of all sorts of amazing families truly living life as the adventure it should be. They might be half crazy, and maybe that's part of what it takes. If that's the case, I hope I'm half crazy too! (I have already connected with many of these families and they have been instrumental in helping me plan this trip - and giving me the confidence to do it!)

The Itinerary

We will be on the road for just over 13 weeks. Our itinerary is still loose, but here's the general route:

  • Dubai (4 days)
  • Bangkok (5 days)
  • Chiang Mai (8 days)
  • Laos (12 days)
  • Vietnam (4 weeks) --> From Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cambodia (2weeks)
  • Singapore (4 days)
  • Kuala Lumpur (3 days)
  • Thailand - (3.5 weeks) --> Just lazing on the beaches of Southern Thailand
  • Back to Düsseldorf!

I have lots of ideas of where I want to go and what I want to see. But I know that along the way we will meet travelers coming from the places where we are headed and we are keeping our itinerary open to new ideas and destinations as they come along.

I will keep updating my blog here on our great adventures. I will do my best, and hope to be able to include pics. We leave November 8 - the countdown has begun. We are over the moon excited!

Some have said that it's a shame that Simon is so small and won't really remember it. Again, we can do it now, so I am not going to hold off for another year and hope that we can make it work then. It works now, and so we're off! And while I have no idea how much of this Simon will remember, I know that this trip with Simon is something that Martin and I will never, ever forget.