Kids in Düsseldorf

I decided to have a page where I keep a list of resources that I find useful if you have kiddos in Germany. Please post a comment if you have something to add or any other suggestions! (Bare with me - this is a work in progress.)

Playing with your kiddo

You can't stay holed up in your flat on every rainy day here in Ddorf, so it's important to get out! Finding a place that's kid friendly and that you can also enjoy isn't always easy, but here are a few.
  • Pantakea - Indoor speielcafe, best suited for children 0-2. They have great crawling space, a sand box, and snacks and coffee for mamas. papas, and baby. (Pempelfort)
  • Bobolinos - A crazy indoor child paradise of bouncy houses, trampolines, climbing areas, and giant slides. On Tuesday mornings they have a toddler only time, so it's quite calm. You can let your child roam a bit while you sit down for a coffee and a chat. (Check out this video - grandpa taking Simon down the slide.)
  • Cafe Lätzchen - 
  • International English Library
  • Aquazoo
When the sun shines, there is no shortage of great parks to play in Düsseldorf. Since Simon was still crawling last summer, we didn't explore as many as I know we will this summer. But there are some of my favorites:
  • Hofgarten - We love the big Spielplatz at the corner Sternstrasse and Kaiserstraße
  • Kolpingplatz - They have a lovely market here on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, all local produce
  • Wildpark - It's a great little animal park, where you can mingle among the deer. Bring oats so you can feed them! They also have wild pigs (they like carrots and apples), a nice play ground, an education house, and even more animals. I can't be sure that we've even seen them all. Best of all - it's free!
  • Südpark - We finally went here for the first time last week. We went to the Bauernhof, which is a small petting zoo at the south end of the park (Südpark stop off the 701). You buy food to feed the animals, and they have a very nice cafe where you can enjoy the coffee and cake. 
  • Volksgarten - This is actually a part of Südpark and is located at the north end. We still haven't been, but in summer they have a giant pirate ship water playground. We'll definitely check it out this summer. 
Don't have the Familienkarte that entitles you to discounts at pools, Aquazoo, and more. Find out how to get it here.