Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hard To Imagine

Today is our last day. Tonight is our last night. Tomorrow we are going home.

It's hard to imagine that our big trip is all over, that we are going to have to return to normal life again. It's hard to imagine not spendng all of our days togther as a family. It's hard to imagine how much Simon has changed in these 4 months, and hard to remember just what he was like when we started. It's hard to imagine cooking a meal or cleaning the bathroom.

It's hard to imagine a menu without fried rice. It's hard to imagine paying more than $10 for a massage. It's hard to imagine no gentle ocean breeze. It's hard to imagine snow and cold. It's hard to imagine no abundance of fresh fruit, no fresh mangoes. It's hard to imagine no coconut trees.

It's just hard to imagine.

But if I close my eyes, I know I will be able to transport myself to these times and places full of days with my family, coconut trees, and gentle ocean breezes. I will always have that.

(Or I may just never board that plane and stay here and eat fried rice.)

1 comment:

  1. It's been great to read this blog. Very inspiring to just get out there and have an adventure with your little tyke in tow. A great arc from the adventure that started little Simon's life.
    From a purely stealing-your-idea-for-my-own-trip-to-south-east-asia have you thought of doing a map of all the places you went and maybe a score card for each place? I know that I would highly value that and it would be a good way to review your 4 month adventure. Keep up the great blogging.