Saturday, February 2, 2013

Koh Mook....not bad

Just the boat ride over to Koh Mook made us happy we had dragged ourselves off the beaches of Klong Jark Bay. There was more out there! Beautiful islands, turquoise waters. A change of scenery would not hurt us, we could feel it.

We were dropped into the crystal clear waters of our new home on Koh Mook, Sawadee Resort. Nothing fancy, but right on the beach. A new paradise.

Sabine, Sanders, and their daughter Malin had already been here for a week so they knew the ins and outs of the island. We found food was cheaper and also better than on Koh Lanta. Point for Mook! But no flush toilet, no hot water, and no AC. Point for Lanta.

We rented a longtail boat the next day and took a tour around the whole island, which is not that big. We stopped at various beaches, snorkeling spots (which weren't very good), had lunch, and visited the famous Emerald Cave. I think it's only famous if you come here, but it's quite impressive, especially if you don't really know what to expect. You swim in through a cave, and around one bend it's completely dark so you need to remember to bring a torch. Then you swim out the other end and are surrounded by high limestone cliffs on all sides. Pirates used to hide treasure in there, but we did not find any. It was touristy, but still beautiful. And you can never go wrong with a day out on a boat (unless you are prone to seasickness, then I don't recommend it.)

The closest we got to a group shot. Sander and Malin reflects in my shades. An you find Martin?
So proud of his big savings!

And of course it was great for Simon to have a playmate for a few days. Malin is almost exactly 2 years older than Malin, but they played really well together. Malin even invited Simon for a sleepover, but we are postponing that until Amsterdam.

Thanks so much for the great time in Koh Mook, dear friends! See you in Amsterdam!


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