Sunday, January 20, 2013

Penang: ATMs gone wrong, our personal tour guide, and more good food!

It is quite fitting that when I opened this page to publish it, it had magically disappeared. (Magically=2 year old). I had used some of our 15 hour journey from Penang to Koh Lanta to chronicle the ups and downs of our few days in Penang, Malaysia. Mouthwatering details of our culinary adventures; tales of how we met a kind local citizen who spent 2 days showing us around not just Georgetown, but the entire island of Penang; and just our general mood that simply was the emotional roller coaster of Penang wiped away with a few unfortunate taps of an innocent toddler.

Now I have neither the time or energy to go back into such details. I will, however, share the following photos and maybe even write down a tip or two about our great street food finds.

Outstanding samosas in Little India. I went back for mor and more and more...
A stunning rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle.
Mike, our tour guide!
Ice cream on a hot day.
Ice cream on a hot day.
Just ask the locals what they're eating.
Street food vendors on KG Malabar.
Purchased some local art.
Breakfast with Mike. It was so good I couldn't quite catch it on camera.
Nutmeg juice! It tasted a lot like....nutmeg.
Street food notes:

  • Delicious samosas: corner of Lebuh Queen and Lebuh Pasar. Until about 6pm
  • Chinese breakfast market: across from Chowrasta market on Lebuh Chowrasta, in an empty lot. Try the kuih kat, trust me.
  • Night street vendors: KG Malabar. Noodles, porridge, satay. Lots of local Penang eats enjoyed with the locals.
  • Delicious local vendor restaurant: Corner of Jalan Sri Bahari and Jalan Penang. Mike took us for breakfast one morning and the fried noodles were amazing, along with a dish of deep fried yams, pork, prawns, and tofu with sweet and spicy dipping sauces.
Sorry. That's all I got. Mourning the loss of my previous prose....


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  1. Oh Simon! Good thing he is so darn cute. He also looks tall in the picture of you with your new art. Love all the food talk. Thanks!