Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Auntie Marie and Uncle Khiza

It all came together pretty last minute - but it came together! Marie and Khiza were able to come visit us for a long weekend after a short week in Spain and Northern Africa. Simon was giddy with excitement. Well, I guess he wasn't really anticipating the visit, but once they were here he was HAPPY. We had been practicing our new signs all week (yup - special signs for special visitors - come on over!) and he was happy to show them off.

I was happy too! Happy to have my sister visiting me here in Germany! Happy to see my bro-in-law. With our parents in MN, sisters on each coast and me in Germany, seeing anyone is a big deal. I had seen them in South Africa in June, but Martin hadn't seen either of them since we left the US over 1.5 years ago. Yay!

Drizzledorf lived up to its name, with almost nonstop rain. But we didn't let that stop us.

And we had plenty of time to be silly.

And even some adult time to just catch up, drink beer, and eat meat!

Khiza's name all over it!

Lena and Ti (Khiza's cousin that I have adopted as my own) made the trek over from Amsterdam to celebrate the year when they all turn 30.

I was happy to also give them a typically German experience. On their last night here we tried to go a candy store that sells just gummy candy. It was just about closing time, and the women was obviously getting ready to shut things down. She told me we could only come in if we knew exactly what we wanted and it would take less than a minute. I asked if we couldn't just look though real quickly - "NEIN" was her response. Got to love those friendly Germans. As we continued down the street, the clock finally tolled 7pm, indicating that the shop was indeed closed. Whatever happened to customer service people?

With that, they packed their bags and left on a jet plane. Don't know when I get to see them again, but am grateful for every chance I get.

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