Thursday, January 12, 2012


When I first ran out of cumin, I went to the store and purchased some kümmel. I used it to cook - but it was nasty. This was not cumin. Damn Germans, how on earth did they actually change a spice and make it so nasty. Only the Germans! So I learned to buy cumin at spice markets or have my in-laws bring it from Sweden. Seems ridiculous, right?

Well, I learned today that it's totally ridiculous because I was in fact buying ground caraway seeds, not cumin. Wondering how made that mistake, I looked the word cumin up on trusty leo, I found that cumin is in fact kreuzkümmel. Kümmel is caraway. AHA! I had probably written down kreuzkümmel on my grocery list that fateful day, but when I saw kümmel I just thought it was the same thing....Sometimes it takes a long time to learn the simplest thing!

(Thanks, Ilka, for clearing this one up for me!)

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