Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reflections on 2011

I looked back at my first blog post of 2011, and saw that I was going to try to be better about posting and updating my blog. I think I did an ok job, but there's still room for improvement. My goal for 2012 - 52 posts! Yup, about one post a week. I think I'm up for the challenge. Especially as I look back and see all the things I didn't blog about...

Like when Jim and Caroline Sallee came to visit us!

Or when my cousin Sarah, who I never get to see, was here...

Or when my mother-in-law was here in April...

Or when we went to Berlin and met up with our good friend (and fantastic artist!) Heba.

Or when my sister-in-law and niece came to visit and Simon was sick (fever 104F/40C) the whole time!

These were all not just blogworthy - but highlights!! Oh how I failed! But I will soldier on, friends.

Another thing really lacking in my blog is just simple reflections on my life in Germany. What is our life like here? What do we do? What are Germans like? If only my brain automatically updated this blog then it would be full. But I never seem to have (make) time to write about these things.

Did you know that we used cloth diapers? And the reason we stopped is because there are almost 70 stairs between me and my washer? Do you know how long a wash cycle takes here? Do you know we go to the farmer's market every Wednesday? That, many days, the Germans drive me nuts? And many days, they don't, they're so kind? Did you know that I now have a private German tutor? Well you should, and it's my fault you don't. I will try harder!

No doubt it's tough with an almost two-year-old nipping at your toes. But I can do better - and that's my promise for 2012.

Are there things you, dear reader, would like to know more about? I would be happy to take requests. That might, in fact, help jump start this lazy mama.


  1. What? No mention of the book group you started? How about the painful details of your your blog looks fantastic & mine looks like Hugo did it? :)

    1. i thought hugh did do your blog...see? i just keep leaving things out. book club - that's a good one. we will need a pic though!