Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh what a week!

A week ago tonight I was in turkey-induced coma, eating pumpkin cookies, and watching football. Now, on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, I just returned from another turkey celebration, and indeed ate more pumpkin cookies. I feel so lucky to have so many people her to celebrate with so far from home. Better said, this place is starting to feel a lot like home...

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Maha's place.
But what I wanted to tell you about was this fantastic week I had, packed between 2 turkey-filled Sundays.

On Wednesday night I went to a concert in Eindhover, the Netherlands. Nevermind that the navi was on crack and I was essentially circling my destination in the fog, I rocked out to Katzenjammer with a few friends from Ddorf. These 4 Norwegian chics are fabulous musicians and gifted performers. They put on a great show.

Of course I got home a bit late and was soooo sleepy when I heard Simon the next morning. Here's where my week got even better. Farmor was there to take care of Simon! I got to sleep in and then meet friends in the city for breakfast. It was the first time my friend Eva and I hung out without our children in tow. Heavenly!

The next morning I slept in again - and so did Martin. He took the day off so we could head to Brussels for a night away from our beautiful bambino. (More here.)

And now we are back to today, Sunday, and my turkey-induced stupor. What a great week!

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