Monday, December 12, 2011

Par le vous...??

I just came back from a weekend away with 2 girlfriends. No babies, no boys, just us ladies and the lovely town of Antibes, France. It was simply dreamy! We ate fantastic food, including lamb that slid right off the bone and pastries that were sinfully divine. We made a great traveling trio, all moving at the same pace and interested in the same things (food!). We shopped, we ate, we ate, we shopped, we played games while sipping tea or absinthe.

It was a much needed break for all of us mamas. At one point my friend Maha asked if we were thinking about our little ones back home, and Barbara and I looked at other - "Nope!" was our immediate and unapologetic response. I needed this break, and for 48 hours I was happy not to worry about diapers or meals or naps or bedtimes. It's rare I get to take time for myself, so I took it!

And now I know I'm back in Germany as I walk by the bakery without a second glance. That could never happen in France.


  1. What is up with the hats? I do not think she brought that home from France.

  2. the absinthe bar was full of hats! everyone was wearing crazy hats that were just laying around the bar. silly, but fun. i loved it! that is only one of the many hats i rotated through. :)