Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oops...ER Again!

Yup! Simon's 2nd ER visit in less than a month, 3rd for the family in just over a month. Simon was holding a glass measuring cup that he had dug out of the cupboards in his hands when he fell. Of course it shattered in his hands, with hangs landing in the shattered glass. Pretty soon his hands were covered in blood, and it was difficult to figure out where it was coming from (because it had multiple sources.)

I tend to be a pretty relaxed parent - and I was then, as well. But as I covered his biggest gash with a paper towel and noticed that it immediately soaked through the whole towel, I figured maybe it needed some medical attention. I called Pappa at work, who ran out of a meeting in a panic that his son's hands were completely sliced up.

With Pappa already on his way home, I finally got Simon to the sink where I could really clean him up. There were a number of small cuts, and one that definitely seemed a little deep. I wasn't sure that it needed stitches, but I also wasn't sure that there wasn't glass in there.

This all took place at 11:30am, lunch time followed by nap time in Simon's world. I was worried about taking him to the ER where there could be a wait if he was hungry, tired, and injured. So I put a bandaid on and fed him lunch while we waited for Pappa. Then we walked to the hospital that is 2 blocks away. Twenty minutes later we were seen by the doctor. Simon watched intently as the doctor pinched his cuts and dug into the big one with a tweezers, checking for glass. No glass, not stitche, and no tears either! He got a ridiculously large bandage, which I thought he deserved. The finger hasn't bothered him since and seems to be healing well.

We are hoping to take a long sabbatical from ERs for a while.

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