Monday, September 9, 2013

Simon's Solo Week

It's been a while - it almost seems like it never happened. But it did. Simon spent a week with his grandparents in Sweden - without his parents!!

It seems it was a glorious week for all. Martin and I enjoyed evenings strolling around Amsterdam, and even had an amazing evening out on the water in the Lakes District, thanks to one of Martin's colleagues.

The week did seem to fly by - and I am not sure what all I did. But I do recall taking naps and reading two books. While I missed my boy, it was nice to have a break from the 24/7 on-call Mama job.

And Simon! Simon had a blast. I talked to him every day on the phone and he told me what he had been up to with Farfar and Farmor. They are far more active than his own parents so they were always off to some theater or local even they had heard of.

At the beach!
Helping out
Our little Viking!

After a week with Farmor and Farfar, Martin and I swooped in to take over the next week, and enjoy some nice Torsby weather (rain and cold). But I think it was a great experience for everyone - even Farmor and Farfar didn't seem too worn out. Simon was happy to see us, but he had also been very happy all week with out us.
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