Thursday, November 1, 2012

Der Umzug!

Moving day is finally here, and I'll be damned if it isn't yet another comical German experience! Movers are here, so I am going to make this quick. Today is a holiday. Did you hear me? Do you understand? It's a holiday. And the movers are here. Do you see how this doesn't make any sense? It doesn't really seem  possible, right? On a holiday. In Germany.

Holidays are much like Sundays in Germany. They are sacred, quiet days. You must rest. No stores are open. You must be QUIET! Our poor movers, who are Dutch, were unaware of this holiday. Their managers knew, but failed to inform them, so their morning went something like this...

They learned of this holiday. They learned that you cannot drive your big truck on the highway on such holidays. Literally. The police will get you. You cannot work today. So they had to take all back roads. Only to arrive at Kapellstrasse and find that the space they had reserved for their massive truck could not be reserved on a holiday.

Double parked
I have to say that I truly love how German our moving experience is. Part of the joy and pain of living abroad are these small cultural norms that are so foreign to your own. They're charming and a huge pain in the ass at the same time. Not poetic, but true.

Simon is oblivious - just playing happily.