Friday, November 2, 2012

A houses full of memories

Leaving Düsseldorf is sad for me for so many reasons. I really like our life here. I have an amazing network of friends that have made this city my home, that have helped me through the challenges of living in a foreign country, that have kept me sane as a mother, and that have always been there to help in a pinch. I have moved a fair amount, and started over often. I feel like we nailed it on this one, and again we say goodbye.

Düsseldorf itself isn't a glamorous place to live, but it's a great place to live. Not too big, not too small. Parks for the children around every corner. A few restaurants that aren't German. Easy to get around. Safe. It's nice here. And I was just getting a hang of that whole language thing too...

Looking around our apartment, with everything in boxes, I am overwhelmed with memories. This is Simon's first home. He wasn't born here, but he's really been here his whole life.

The first time he turned over...when he started crawling...his first steps...first words...all took place in this space. As I sit here typing I look to my right and can clearly picture him walking in holding a glass measuring cup he had found in a drawer, then proceeding to drop it and fall all in one motion, his hands landing on the broken pieces of glass. He still has a small scar on his finger where he had the deepest gash.

At the ER - no stitches, but he looked badass with his bandage.
As everything is packed into boxes and hauled away, this is less and less our home. It is the people I share this space with that make it home, and that is not changing. While we may be leaving, I know that we will still have these memories to cherish, we can tell Simon all about the town and country he will hardly remember. And now we are off to make new memories - in SE Asia and then Amsterdam!


  1. Now SE Asia will be your home. 2 backpacks,a day pack, a stroller and your two favorite people in the world.Oh, and your bank card. Perfect. I love you my dear.

  2. We will miss all of you! Enjoy the next adventure & I will catch up with you in Amsterdam.