Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So, I meant to do a countdown to my big trip to the USA, but that never happened. Now I have been here for nearly 4 weeks - oh how time flies! It felt like 6 weeks was going to be so long, so I planned lots of little trips and have been really relaxed about seeing all of my friends in MN. Therefore, I have been out of town nearly half the time and not seen many of my friends because I always felt like there was time, but that window is closing in quickly. Two more weeks left, including two more trips up north. Lots of friends and family to still squeeze in.
Think he's having fun?
I am working on updating my blog, but here are the highlights up until now:

  • Memorial Day Weekend in Gays Mills, WI
  • Macalester 10 year reunion - woohoo! Am I really that old?
  • Beach weekend in Charleston, SC with my sisters AND their hubbies. It was epic, except that Martin was laid out sick the whole time.
  • Girls weekend (with kids!) at Hulett's Landing on Lake George. Three years and four kids later - together again!
That's up until now. Still on the books:
  • Apostle Islands sea kayaking trip (Proposed route is 21 miles...Yikes!)
  • Cabin - my old stomping grounds at Trout Lake. Can't wait to bring Simon there. (Contingent on me surviving sea kayaking trip.)
More to come, including pics. It has been a great trip so far full of mixed emotions and seriously overwhelming grocery stores. Don't even get me started on Supertarget.

Pics are here!

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