Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting rid of Simon

I know it sounds harsh, but the first 10 days of our trip here largely revolved around getting rid of Simon. I should reframe that. The first 10 days of our trip was focused on Simon spending quality time with his grandparents that he rarely sees. There. That sounds better.

Simon did great on the trip over. He slept some on the plane, but not so much that he wasn't ready to totally pass out when we made it to MN, so we managed to avoid any jet lag issues and crazy middle of the night lego sessions.
Fell asleep right before boarding, of course.
Martin and I had plans to go camping with the Stirling-Palms (Chris, Hanna, and Annika) on the North Shore of Lake Superior, but weather forced us south to Gays Mills, WI, where we had real beds and delicious home cooking. It was a pretty good decision. We got to bond with Simon's future wife, Annika, and enjoy some time with no parental duties. At one point, I felt I had to clarify to Don and Mary (Hanna's parents) that I really do love him and spending time with him, but I just get so few breaks so I was relishing every minute. This was probably while I was explaining that Simon can start taking direct flights alone when he's 5, and indirect flights when he's 7. Only 3 more years! Is it wrong that I am so excited about this?
Simon's future wife. We're hoping the drooling lessens.
When we got back to the Twin Cities we continued to take advantage of grandparents and run errands, spend time together, exercise, and hang with friends.

I am writing this during week 4 of this trip, and I have to admit I love this whole having support thing. I know my parents are being especially accommodating because we visit so infrequently, but I must say that you should never underestimate the effect of some grandparent support. All parents (especially primary caregivers) need a break. We need time for ourselves to get back some of what we had before parenting, and to adjust to this crazy world we have entered. Making this time is a huge challenge for all parents. I am now seeing how much less challenging it would be if I had some Grandma (Mormor) and Grandpa (Patis) around to help. (Simon says the Swedish word for Grandma for my mom (mother's mother) and I don't really know what he calls Grandpa, except that it's the same word he uses for pasta.)

But no complaints here. I love spending time with my little guy, and I know that it's a real gift to be able to spend as much time with him as I can. I will just continue to try to find time for myself to help me be a better mama.

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  1. Herwig, I love this blog! It sounds like you had a great trip to the US. And I am so jealous that you got to hang in Gays Mills! Too bad it isn't apple doughnut season:(