Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What would my life be like without Skype? It's not just that I moved abroad and it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family - Martin and I have beenusing it for years to keep in touch with his family. When our nephew was born nearly 2 years ago, we spent that first Christmas setting up Skype accounts for the rest of the family. At the time Arivd was just 2 months old - and we didn't see him again until this past weekend...but that's not exactly true.

Although we hadn't physically seen him in a year and a half, we had watched him grow up on Skype - saw him play with his new toys, checked out his new teeth, and watched him scoot across the floor - and then start walking! And seeing him now - we weren't strangers. He knew how to say our names (even Baby Simon!)

While it's not ideal, I am so grateful for it. It makes living abroad so much easier for both us (one of us will always live abroad) and makes me feel better knowing that my family isn't totally missing out on my life - and I am not totally missing out on theirs.

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