Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Nephew

Simon has a new cousin coming soon - my sister Kate is due November 3rd. She found out she was pregnant the day I went into labor, which was also the same day my other sister got officially married. Crazy sister day...

Anyways, like so many families we are spread out across the globe which makes these important life moments tougher. I guess I always thought my sisters and I would raise our little bambinos together - take turns watching each other's kids while we ran errands, started working again, or went to yoga. I haven't given up hope. :)

While Kate was visiting MN one last time before becoming a mom, she had a baby shower, and I skyped in to say hello. Here's what I said to my sister:

Motherhood is such a defining moment in a woman’s life. So many changes that no matter how you prepare yourself, you cannot fully anticipate them. It is the start of a love a that is unparalleled, and the end of a lifestyle that you will never truly know again. It also redefines words that used to mean one thing - and will forever (or at least for a while) mean another. Here are a few examples:

Blow-out - No longer refers to the Vikings 0-41 loss to the New York Giants in the 2001 NFC championship game. We laughed so hard at Simon’s first one - I encourage you to do the same.

All-nighter - Has nothing to do with studying for boards, cramming for an anatomy exam, or dancing ‘til dawn. Cherish those moments - they grow up quickly, and you will miss those intimate late night rendezvous at the crib.

Modesty - Out the window! After bearing it all for childbirth, and swollen leaky breasts, the word just changes meaning. Your boobs will peak out when your little man beckons - whenever, wherever.

Sleep - Well, sleep still means sleep. It’s just that you get a little less at first. They’re only babies once though - so it must get better, right?

Mom - You have one, you work with them all day, but to become one is entirely new and unique. You will define (and redefine) this every day for the rest of your life.

In need of a shower - It’s not always easy to find time to shower - and sometimes it’s just not high on the priority list. But if you do make into the shower, it’s sometimes also challenging to remember where you are in the process. I have found if you are not sure if you already shampooed, just do it again. This may result in 3 shampoo sessions in one shower, but who knows when you will shower again?

Husband - This is big - husband becomes father! The love continues to grow and evolve as you see your big man with your little man- amazing!

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you today. I am so happy for you and Josh and can’t wait to meet the little guy!

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