Saturday, August 3, 2013

7 Days

I have been looking forward to these 7 days for some time now. REALLY looking forward to them. 7 days without my precious son. 7 days to myself. 7 days with some me time. 7 WHOLE days!

When I had to cancel our trip to the US this summer, I was really bummed. I haven't seen anyone in my family in over a year - that's a long time! And I look forward to that time to get a reprieve from the never-ending demands of being a stay at home mom. But I am resourceful, and I found a solution.

Last night Simon flew to Sweden to spend a week with his grandparents at their summer house in Torsby. I can't really say the goodbye was bittersweet. I love my son dearly, but I know that I do a better job when I am able to have some balance in my life, and I need a little of that. As Simon can't fly alone yet, Martin went with and I have a weekend all alone. Ah, life is good.

Simon was a little hesitant at the airport - not too thrilled that Mama wasn't coming with. But with the promise of ice cream beyond the security gate he forgot about any doubts he had and went running in the other direction. I was proud.

And when he arrived in Oslo he immediately hopped in the car with Farmor and Farfar and a pile of books. All reports indicate that he is indeed happy and thriving.

I know that at the end of the week I will be so excited to see him I will hardly be able to contain myself, and that's a beautiful thing. But I am going to enjoy this week and this great city I live in. I am going to organize the house a bit and think about getting ready for Simon's little sister that should be arriving in November. I am going to breathe deeply, take naps, watch movies, and go on long walks along the canals of Amsterdam with my husband after bedtime.

It's the little things.

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