Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lunch in Luxembourg

A group of 5 of us mamas decided to give ourselves a break and head out of town for a night. We left on Friday morning and came back Saturday night. Short and sweet, but a much appreciated (and needed) break from the daily grind.

Our destination was Trier. It met the criteria of being close and a place that none of us had been to. It is rumored to be the oldest city in Germany, predating Rome by 1300 years.

Because Trier is located near the border with Luxembourg, we decided to have lunch in Luxembourg. It just seemed incredibly awesome to have lunch in another country. Coming from Minnesota, it would be like having lunch in Iowa, except it was Luxembourg where they speak French. It just seemed way too cool of an opportunity to pass up.

Lunch in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg.
Then we headed to Trier, and we learned that we weren't the only ones. The seamless robe of Jesus (yes, the Jesus) was on display at the Cathedral, which has only happened a number of times in history and draws hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. Legend has it that this was the robe that he wore during or shortly before his crucifixion. And we got to see it.

The Porta Nigra, the Roman gate built between 186 and 200 AD

There were old Roman ruins scattered around the city, which is located on the beautiful Mosel River. However, Mother Nature did not cooperate with us, so our sight seeing was somewhat limited. We did, however, make sure to sample the local wines of the region. I don't think many people in the US associate Germany with good wine, but they do have some very nice Rieslings that don't make it far beyond the Mosel region. And of course, we had some schnitzel.

Sampling of German Rieslings
Schnitzel and white asparagus - doesn't get more German than this.
As always, I appreciate getting away for just a short while, to recharge my batteries and remind myself that there is more to life than Legos (thank god!). It's also an opportunity to deepen friendships and have conversations that go beyond potty-training and sleep schedules.

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