Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Crafty Day!

By the end of last week, I was itching to get some things done. I had projects to do. Gifts to make, a birthday party to get ready for. I wanted to craft. Creativity was oozing out of my veins...Well, not exactly. I 'm not that crafty, but I had been hoarding ideas from the internet and I put them to use. Here are the results:

Simon's birthday crown. Yup, turning 2 in just 2 weeks! (Got the idea here.)

Child's apron. I have been making a bunch of these lately as gifts. I love that the neck is elastic and the waist closes with velcro - small children can put them on and take them off by themselves. (Pattern here.)

And I even made something without a pattern - a cute little taggy blanket for a friend expecting #2 in March.

And Simon is getting a kitchen for his birthday (which we're building - don't even get me started!!), so I am working on a few accessories, but still need a trip to the fabric store.

I enjoy crafting, but I don't actually consider myself terribly creative. I started crafting in Kentucky (and let's be honest, I don't even think I knew crafting was a verb). I was looking for new friends, and my boss's daughter invited me to a crafting night that she had just started with a few other girls. I didn't have a craft, and at the time maybe it was all knitting. So they taught me how to knit. I made some ugly scarves, bought lots of yarn, and crafted intermittently throughout the years.

Then a few years ago my mom got me a sewing machine. And a year later I even used it for the first time. A lovely retired woman, whom I met at a sewing class, invited me over to her house to teach me how to sew a tote bag. And so it began. I find sewing much more interesting than knitting. It's more forgiving, and fabric is way more fun than yarn. And the internet is full of great ideas...Plus, it feels great to give homemade gifts.

And my Kentucky crafting gals? Still the greatest ladies on Earth. Now we are all crafting for little ones. It's so much fun.


  1. My 15 seconds of fame on your blog. Hooray! So glad you are back to crafting - gives me hope for doing the same some day. xo

    1. you'll get there, i promise! but it takes a while, and it's really annoying that you actually have to clean up after yourself. needles and toddlers are not a good mix. (we've had one finger poking incident already.)