Monday, October 10, 2011

Das Krankenhaus

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night with stabbing pain in your chest and trouble breathing, go to the hospital. I learned this valuable bit of wisdom this past week after finally going to the ER after 24 hours of pain and discomfort. It started early Sunday morning, and on Monday morning, I knew I couldn't wait another day to visit my regular doctor - so off to the Krankenhaus.

We got to the ER where it was quiet and orderly, and we were seen right away. After multiple tests and xrays and poking and prodding, the doctor announced that I had pneumonia and I must be hospitalized. I really thought that hospitalization seemed drastic, as I was moving about ok, and pain had significantly subsised. But they finally convinced me that's where I needed to be - mostly because I wanted to recover quickly so we could head out on our vacation at the end of the week.

Simon visiting his mama in the hospital.
The first day I really felt bad, so I was ok being at the hospital and having some peace and quiet. But day 2 I felt pretty good, so it was just really annoying. But Martin came to visit, a friend brought me magazines and suduko, so I managed alright. When I talked to the doctor on Tuesday morning (day 2), he thought I would get out on Thursday. But that afternoon I asked to nurses to please ask if I could be released the following day. And after a heart ultrasound (so cool to see your own heart!) I was released on Wednesday.

With me being sick and Martin missing work, we decided to delay our trip until Sunday (supposed to leave Friday). We spent Saturday afternoon with some friends at a children's play cafe, and Simon fell on his chin, with one of his top teeth knocking a bottom tooth out of place. There was some crying and bleeding, but it looked ok. However, we didn't want to start out our vacation worrying about this loose tooth. So Sunday morning, we packed the car up for our vacation, and stopped by the ER (yup - 2 times in one week!) where they took a look at Simon's tooth. No big deal! They said it looked fine and we had nothing to worry about. we come!

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