Friday, November 19, 2010

In-law Land

Simon and I made another trip to Sweden in October - our second since we got to Europe! It was my first time flying alone with Simon. I had to get creative but it worked out. :)

Simon also experienced his first snow on our first morning in Stockholm (October 21!). Luckily it wasn't sticking around, as my my Farmor (Simon's Grandma), Simon and I were heading out on a 3 hour drive to Vastervik, Sweden to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday.

Marina, my sister-in-law, also has a 5-month old girl, Nora, so it was quite the full house. Simon LOVED being around his cousins. He was so well-behaved (during the days) while we were there that Marina finally asked if he ever cried. Simon and Nora could sit in their highchairs facing each other and play forever. Even though it was a bit hectic with all the kids, it still felt like a break. Simon and I stayed with Marina and Johan for a week before heading back to Stockholm where Pappa joined us.

We were able to dress Simon up for his first Halloween!

I have to admit, I am excited for Christmas! And watch out world - I think Simon will be crawling!

Want to see more pictures? Check then out here.

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