Thursday, September 16, 2010

60 Years!

Herzlich zum Geburtstag to my fabulous father - today he turns 60! He's celebrating with my pregnant sister in Charleston, and having a fabulous time on the beach, I am sure.

Today I want to honor my father and the amazing 60 years he has lived. He has been an amazing father and taught me so much about life - always live it to its fullest. He is the epitome of Minnesota friendly, has a contagious smile, tells stories better than anyone I know, and well - he's awesome!

Here are some of the highlights from the 6 decades he has been around (mostly from when I have known him - I am sure there are many more I missed):

  1. He was pronounced dead - but lived to tell about it. (Or hear about it - he was still a baby.)
  2. He invented paintball, but unfortunately did not have the wherewithal to patent the game. Oh well.
  3. He fell through the ice on a snowmobile - and only managed to break back through as his breath was running out.
  4. He has ridden an ostrich.
  5. He has watched more hours of Little House on the Prarie than most dads.
  6. He is the best turtle catcher EVER!
  7. He went waterskiing with his dog.
  8. He has purchase and driven more Buick Road Masters than ANYONE at any age.
  9. Gotten out of more speeding tickets than anyone I know. (Favorite - Got a speeding ticket in a speed trap in the morning. Pulled over in same speed trap a few hours later - different cop. "What kind of idiot do you think I am - I know there's a speed trap here I have a ticket from this morning. This is a rental car - must be broken." Not only does cop not give him another ticket - he rips up the first one. And just to clarify, nothing was wrong with the car.
  10. Has made loads of the best banana bread that never even get a chance to cool - YUM!
  11. He can cook a whole chicken on 13 charcoals. Maybe less. But he's got it down to science and he's very good at it.
  12. He sometimes starts a sentence with, "I saw on Oprah the other day..." and then has to admit that he watches Oprah (occasionally).
  13. He made bulgogi a household menu item. (Thanks Aunt Sandy for passing it on!)
  14. He has served more turkey dinners than his years suggest - time of year is not important, just food, family and friends - that's all the occasion you need!
  15. He racked up miles hauling kids to practice...
  16. He sent 3 daughters to Mac where they got a great education. And he financed it by selling used access flooring - if that's not a niche market, I don't know what is.
  17. He is a master road tripper - I don't even want to know how many hours straight he has driven with his sleeping family in the back (of the Buick Road Master, of course).
  18. Who needs a dune buggy? Picture this - Buick Road Master with two kids in the car topper, three sitting on the open back edge with legs dangling off, and driver and passenger each sitting in the window sill. On cruise control being driven by Dad's foot.
This is just scratching the surface of what my father has done in his life, and what makes him such an amazing person. I am so lucky to have him in my life as a father and a grandpa to Simon (who we believe attempted to sing Happy Birthday on Skype today).

Happy 60th Dad - I love you!

Simon dressed up for Grandpa's birthday and we even had some cake!

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