Monday, July 26, 2010

Settling in

We have been in our apartment for almost a month now. It means we have a home, we have our things (although not enough space for them), and for me it really means that our life here begins. It's now easier to work on getting Simon into some sort of routine, and me as well. I get to explore our neighborhood, identify my favorite bakeries, fruit markets and Metzgerei (butcher shops). I can start working on my German, making friends, and most importantly - planning some weekend getaways!

Here are some highlights so far:
  • I found a great Bio Supermarkt near our house - that's an organic grocery store. And it seems organic is cheaper here...
  • First weekend getaway - Sverige to see the in-laws. 3 cousins within 19 months of each other - FUN!
  • I stalked an American couple with a baby I saw in my neighborhood. They have virtually introduced me to a group of English-speaking parents who meet up regularly with their little ones. Hoping to actually meet them soon. :
  • We live in an awesome neighborhood. Dusseldorf Hofgarten (Dusseldorf's largest park), the Rhein, Alt Stadt (Old Town), Konigsallee (shopping area) area all within walking distance and provide ample exploring opportunities.

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